Corpus Christi FC

Passion Lives Here.

Everyone knows that when you’re on top the hardest thing to do is stay there. It isn’t going to be any different with Corpus Christi FC going into the final few matches of the 2022 USL League 2 regular season. The good news is that while it will be tough, it isn’t going to be impossible.

The Sharks will be losing a couple of strikers over the next couple of weeks but the good news is that there is a strong replacement standing in the wings waiting to come into the picture–hopefully the team will announce that in the coming days. The losses stem from emergency issues abroad to injuries. Regardless of the cause the truth is that the losses do hurt. Back at goal, Andre Schalefli is out for the season, as well due to injury. The good news is there that Canadian and colligate goalkeeper Cuba Grant is certainly stepping up to the role as he has been. With Grant’s athletic ability, height and ability there shouldn’t be any problem keeping the goal safe. But Grant and the other keepers will have their hands full.

Saturday night on the road, Corpus Christi will take on the Royals–a game that should end up in the favor of Corpus Christi. But then there is the following two matches to watch with Brazos Valley Cavalry–in a playoff hunt those two matches could really come back to haunt you.

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Don’t for one minute thing that Brazos Valley being tucked away down there in third place within the conference is a thing to be taken lightly. They’re a good and they are on a mission to prove it.

David Imbert, of Brazos Valley is going to be a real threat and a problem. He can score and he can do it quickly. The guy is like a rattlesnake with sharp fangs that can piece you before you knew what hit you. Ethan Stevenson–same way. The guy is a goalscoring beast capable of really smashing it right down your gut. This team is not something to be taken lightly and Corpus Christi plays them back to back–once on the road and then here at home on June 25. The threat is real and so are our vulnerabilities. But they can be overcome.

To say that this team plays their best with their back’s against the wall is an understatement. To be branded as an “Elite Team of Players and Professionals” is an awfully big and braggadocious claim–but certainly one that this team can proclaim. They’ve proved it over and over again. The real threat is going to be injuries and stability in the long run.

Sure, plenty and anything can happen and there is time to still put everything together. Every athlete knows that you have to let the coaches do the worrying and the speculators will do the speculating–you just focus on doing your job. At this point that seems to be right exactly what this team is doing and they are doing it well. The long run will for sure be one thing–exciting!