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“Bigger, broader, better,” is what FC Corpus Christi hopes to achieve through new multimedia program and streamlined operations

If you take a look you’ve likely seen a difference in the feel of the FC Corpus Christi website and social media this season. There is a easier feel to it all while delivering dramatic images of the team’s personalities and style. It is all by design. The club is hoping to connect with fans in different way–one that is, as the team says “Bigger, broader, and better.”

In a bold mid-season moved the team almost overnight scrapped the original website, replacing it with a far less jumbled and version that has kept things very simple. The idea is to add onto it without becoming slow, cumbersome, and unfriendly to users.

The goal is to connect with fans in a bigger, broader, and better new way. The focus is keeping things real simple and effective so that everybody from the most novice fan to the most sophisticated fan will be able to easily connect. The darker scheme is also designed to allow persons, including who are sensitive to sudden light changes and pop-ups a cleaner fan experience. The use of sudden changes and flash in almost non-existent. Video content uses slow, fading transitions instead of old-fashioned “cuts.” The idea is to connect.

The approach is keeping things simple while bringing the team personality and a style all of its own.

You see more black and white pictures on the social media and website. You see fewer widgets and gadgets. You see room on the pages to expand but not crowd. You see that the media delivery is going back to the bear basics. It is something that fans seem to be attracted to.

The sport of soccer is a passionate sport and South Texas is a sports passionate place. But there are hurdles to overcome and the team is working on using multimedia to connect with that passionate market. While there is plenty of support for baseball, football and somewhat for basketball in Corpus Christi–the team feel there is room to grow and an unrealized market with a hunger that demands to be fed.

Over the coming time you’ll notice even more changes on the multimedia forefront, the team says. All of it designed for a “bigger, broader, better” fan experience. Let us know your feedback!