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Corpus Christi FC Academy and its partners recognize that a primary goal of many of our players is to play collegiate level soccer. The College Placement Program aims to provide our players with the guidance, tools, and encouragement they need to make this goal a reality.

Our philosophy has always been to help CCFC Academy-players find the “right fit” for them both on and off the field and to encourage our players to “own” the process as much as possible.

The CPP is aimed primarily at the players in the U15-18 age brackets within the club as these will be the most important years for our student-athletes to fully understand what is necessary for them to be doing in order to be as successful as possible in ascertaining what they want from the placement process.  There will be many levels of support throughout the college placement process which are listed below:

  • College Seminar Nights – Players will be registered for annual seminars for all high school aged players providing key info on the college recruiting process – we will aim to have CCFC-Sharks alumni and College Coaches present at these meetings to answer questions from our student-athletes and parents.
  • College Showcase Tournaments – The CCFC Academy- calendar provides players appropriate competitive showcase competition including our Memorial Day and Thanksgiving events, as well as a diverse competitive calendar to try and give our players the ability to be seen by college coaches as much as possible.  
  • Access to SportsRecruits – The best in show platform gives players the ability to be accountable for their entire college placement process.

The goal of the CCFC Academy-College Placement Program is to educate, support and encourage all student-athletes as they work their way through their first major life decision.

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